Prepare your Lab

Watching videos or even reading books is never enough. You need to have Linux installed and practice your newly acquired knowledge. As you may know, LPIC is a distro agnostic test and an LPIC-certified guru should be able to work in any GNU/Linux system, or at least on the major ones. Because of this, I suggest you have two Linux machines which you can work on. One RPM-based and one Debian-based.

One common way is to use a Virtual Machine. You can install something like VirtualBox (for Win/Linux and Intel Macs) or UTM (for M1 Macs) or any other solution to install your test machines in a Virtual Machine.

For your distribution, I suggest Ubuntu or Debian as your Debian-based system and Fedora or Rocky Linux as your RPM-based machine. Feel free to install anything else and do whatever you enjoy!

If you want to walk in my steps, do a normal GUI installation. Here is me, installing the Ubuntu 22.04:

And here, you can follow the Fedora 36 installation:

Note: The version is not that important. Here I'm installing Fedora 36 & Ubuntu 22.04.

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